Game Plan – 2022/23 Pennant Season

Game Plan

  1. Support your Team Captain throughout the season. Their role, in essence, is to make themselves available to any player who requires assistance with resolving any selection grievance that may arise during the season. They are the conduit between players and the selectors. A Team Captain’s responsibility is to provide ‘constructive’ feedback to the selectors and the coach. Further, also to identify any areas for improvement after consultation with players and then inform the coach so he can take action to enhance our skill set.
  2. Teams must ensure they have two bowls in the head before driving big. This will assist in minimising the loss of big scores.
  3. Team meetings before game – Team meeting to be conducted 10 minutes before roll up. All members must be ready to play prior to that time. Think of the team.
  4. When it is your head be prepared to have a rink meeting at least twice during the game to discuss tactics and especially when losing four ends in a row. Slow the game down.
  5. Continue to play winning length ends until opposition gets on top. Where appropriate, rink members to discuss length to be played. If winning four ends and then lose the end but win the next end, immediately go back to the winning length.
  6. Red Time – (Last five ends) that is 17-21 if a 21-end game. must win three of the last five ends or at least draw such. Games are won or lost in this period.
  7. When holding three plus shots, rink members must cover danger areas – must read the opposition’s next shot. Let’s not get GREEDY. (Unless it’s the last bowl). Listen to your Skip.
  8. Support ALL team members throughout the game. – ‘Go BRIGHTON’ – ‘Great bowls’, ‘John/ Sue’. ‘Good pick up’ etc.
  9. Lead bowls first shot on – the second / first bowl must always be behind the jack.
  10. Whilst leads and seconds don’t need to stand at the head, if they do, it must be alongside the third; it gives a unified approach and looks like the rink is owning the head; intimidation is a 1% that must not be underestimated. Unity is Power. (Top Bowls Clubs are renowned for this)
  11. After the third has completed his first shot and if called upon by the Skip, walk to the head to obtain a bird’s eye view of the state of play. Not only are you gaining a better visual picture of the head you are also dictating the terms. This is particularly relevant if the opposing team changes the head before their second bowl. Aim to VISUALISE and EXECUTE every shot with 100% CONVICTION.

Team Plan

  1. Club TARGET is 18 inches (.45 cm) behind the jack unless the skip has directed an alternative target. A tick is awarded if the bowler lands their bowl within one metre of the TARGET. This is the SKIP’s responsibility, but he or she can delegate if necessary.
  1. Skips to collect envelopes containing each rink member’s $7.00 contribution at half time break with correct money enclosed and hand to duty person at the desk.
  1. Score cards must be completed by all rink members at the end of the game and the skips complete the tick cards where appropriate. Each member should deposit their score and tick cards into an case held by the Team Manager. They should not be handed to the second at the end of the game.
  1. Commit to your training. The more you do the easier it will be to play all lengths.
  1. Play for the shirt in any position or division – Resist the urge to complain when selection is made. It is counterproductive for YOUR team. Don’t openly complain about selection to your teammates or a selector on the day of competition. Accept the selection that has been made and if necessary, discuss with your Team Captain AFTER the game. Where appropriate further consultation can be pursued with the Coach or relevant Selector.
  1. Seconds to mark cards with S M L. (Short, medium, long ends)
  1. A player must watch his or her bowl come to a head, don’t turn your back.
  1. Cars to be organised as per club policy. If players are travelling direct, then names to be recorded on relevant sheets.
  1. 40 Bowls drills and others as recommended by the Coach must be completed. Regular training commitment by all members is the key.
  1. Be professional in all your training and action on the green – no riding bowls or applauding lucky bowls.
  1. Train as you play – every training activity must be to improve or develop various shots.
  1. NO mobile phone use whilst the game is being played. It can wait.
  1. DO NOT ride the opposition bowls, we will play hard, but we will do it in the right spirit.
  1. Body Language – You always must remain positive, no folding of the arms, no hands in the pockets. Leads through to thirds must also be positive. Don’t second guess or question the skip. Provide 100% support to each other.
  1. Club Culture – 2 drink policy – unless you have a prior engagement, we must have a drink with our opponents after the game, no matter whether you win or lose or what you drink – Strive for a culture where everyone loves our club. If your team wins overall and your rink have won (or lost by 6 or less) then you will be rewarded with a drinks voucher from your team manager.


  1. Don’t be a Bowls critic – DO be a Team Player.
  1. Don’t be an opposition player – DO be a Team Player.
  1. Don’t think the selectors know when you are not available. Record your name on the unavailability list on the outside notice board. – DO be a Team Player.
  1. Don’t openly complain about selection to your team mates or a selector on the day of competition. Accept the selection that has been made and if necessary, discuss with your Team Captain AFTER the game – DO be a Team Player.
  1. Don’t be a dummy spitter by expressing your concern in a club environment – Speak to your Club Captain first. If it can’t be resolved in the first instance, let he or she take steps with you to resolve the dispute – DO be a Team Player.

Above all, enjoy the game of Bowls and the people you play with.

Lee Farrell

Coach – Brighton Bowls Club

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