Who Gets It?

Recently I spoke to our Division 4 South Red team before our pennant game. I told them a true story about one of our 4-year-old grandsons.

Every Monday and Tuesday morning I collect him and his 10-year-old brother from their home. I drop the older one off at school and then this very talkative and active little boy takes over. He locks me in. I’m engaged whether I like it or not.

When he gets into the car, I switch the radio off because I know he will constantly ask me questions.

We have this game called ‘SPOTTO’. It involves yelling out ‘SPOTTO’ every time you see a yellow car. He is ruthless, determined and will yell mid-sentence ‘SPOTTO’ if he spots anything coloured yellow. He gets me every time. Not bad for a little backseat passenger in a child seat.

Last week, he reminded me of the current score for that day. He said: ‘Connor 4, Pa, zero point zero’. What followed a few seconds later was an unsolicited
reflective comment that made me very proud of this little man.

He said: ‘None of us are winning Pa. Teamwork’. His exact words coming from the mouth of a babe. To me, he said it all as to how we as mature, level-headed adults should behave when we are members of a team. He was prepared to accept that both of us were winning. Where did he learn such reflective thought, I asked myself? Probably, sitting on a basketball with his elbows on his knees and his fists under his chin watching intently his brother playing basketball and football.

Recently I received an email from a club member. In part it appears below:

‘… A great win yesterday away from home. I feel really bonded with our team yesterday after a few losses. It seems the comradery is building momentum with every game and training session and really being pushed by key players including Lee as our coach.

As a newbie to the Club and competitive bowls it is all a bit strange to me that people feel offended by getting demoted from a higher division, and as Lee has said, there is no walk-up’s, with selection based on current performance rather than past history.

I feel very privileged to be a member of our team. We all need to commit to each other; trust and support each other each time we train, play or socialise together. It is only a game, enjoy it, be competitive, share the highs and lows with your team mates and keep a smile on your face…’

Wise words from a mere 4-year-old and that of a much older club member WHO GETS IT. What are the rest of us going to do to embrace our team; our club?

Mick Lyons
Team Captain

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