Board of Management

The Board of Management are presented below. If you have any questions or comments, please contact them directly.


Kevin Rowley

Vice President /
Bowls Director

Vice President


Shaun Coghlan


Board Member

David Dowling

Board Member

Terry Fanning

Board Member

Dawn Stoddart

Board Member

Kevin Tonkin

Board Member

Board Member

Roles and Responsibilities

The following people have dedicated their time to the Brighton Bowls Club. Please contact them directly with your questions or comments. New volunteers are always welcome.

Administration – Shaun Coghlan

Advocate – Terry Lyons

Bar Organistion – Trevor Whitelaw & John Nicholson

Bar Roster –  Jim Nicholson

Building Work –  David Harvey

Club Tournaments –  

Coaching Coordinator – 

Events/Social – 

Finance – 

Fundraising – 

Gardening – Richard Hyde & Dave MacKenzie

Grants – John Kirby

Greens – Graham McNamara & Gary Thompson

Grounds – 

Insurance – Richard Hyde & Terry Fanning

Information Technology Manager (Computers & Website) – John Kirby


Maintenance – John Sourness & David Harvey & Graham McNamara

Night Owls – Kevin Rowley (Wednesday) & Shaun Coghlan (Thursday)

Pennants – 

Provisions Food – 

Provisions Other – 

Recruitment – Kevin Rowley

Selection – Selection Committee

Sign Writing – Richard Hyde

Sponsorship – Dawn Stoddart

State Events – John Kirby

Training – Coaching Committee

Volunteers –