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I hope you enjoy the Coaches Corner. Please feel free to give me a ring to discuss any of the issues presented as I have said and will continue to say “There is NO I in team“. As Coach of the Brighton Bowls Club for season 2022/23 it will be a team commitment that gets success so, please dont feel embarrassed to send me your thoughts. Everything that you send me will be confidential and I will respond. Remember the Club is only as good as the effort we all apply to the game.


Player commitment, dedicated training attitude, confidence and playing to the team game plan and team rules.
  1. COMMITMENT I have met with the Captains of each Division in October and will again this Monday.The meeting was very productive and gave Brain Noble and myself a good insight on the inside happening of each Division, I will be keeping an attendance register ofthe players that have been attending the official practice sessions.It is pleasing to note that players who have been putting in a great effort and have accepted the challenge that training does improve your game and the team’s performance. To achieve success, whether work or sport, it’s the time you commit to each task that makes you successful. I am looking forward to all players accepting the challenge and commit to training to ensure all sides go deep into the finals.Training times have been confirmed. Tuesday:Ladies with meeting starting at 9.30am followed by training. Thursday: Men’s and ladies for Saturday starting from 3pm Yourattendance at training willassist you to maintain your position in the selected division.
  2. SELECTION The selectors have appointed a Captain for each division.These players are your first go to person for issues relating to selection and any other issues. Attendance at compulsory training sessions will become one of the selection criteria. You will now not be excused if you use the excuse that you have already played in weekly events such as Tuesday pairs, Friday pairs or Club Championships events etc. I would appreciate if all players can work with the selection board on this aspect. Mobile phones can be used for apologies for non-attendance. The only phone numbers to ring are Brian Noble 0419845139, Terry Lyons 0414666926 and Lee Farrell0 0458 003 739 The tick sheets will continue to be used and the voting formsto assess players performance. The 3 week rolling averages from voting and tick information will now assist the selectors in evaluating each players form. The information from the 40 Bowl drill sheets will also be included in the players’stats. This will provide selectors with information on players’ attitude and commitment to undertaking training tasks. To enable the selectors to undertake the above task-it would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of Brian Noble who does an excellent job in collating all the relevant selectioninformation. Thank you, Brian.
  3. COACHING INFORMATION Novemberscoaching sessions /drills will concentrate on you being able to undertake the following.
    1. 40 Bowl Drill –Complete at least one 40 bowl drill. Once the information is received by me if will be placed in the computer and a report provided on where your strengths and weakness are.
    2. Elimination of short Bowls–drills -3 positions and arriving through the jack.
    3. Development of your PSR –Personal Shot Routine. The Game starts on the mat and this aspect of your game will be targeted as highly important.
    4. Reading of Heads/ Rules –sessions will be delivered by selected and experienced players to all divisions.
    5. Coaching of both Old and New Bowlers –Tuesday afternoon sessions commencing at 3 pm. If you or a friend are interested in taking up the game or improving yours, please come along at 3.00pmTuesday. The sessions run as follows 3 pm-4pm, 4 pm -5 pm, 5 pm-6 pm.
    6. New training drills will cover the deficiencies from last week’s game. This information is from Stats extracted from the scorecards being marked S M L.
    7. WHAT CREATES SUCCESS? So what makes a lawn bowls coach and what makes you a member of a successful side? Why do some Clubs have success and others continue to wander around in the wilderness –Is it player commitment, dedicated training attitude, sticking to team rules or a lot more?
    8. LET’S LOOK AT YOU THE PLAYER. Do you prepare for training: Do you arrive on time, attend all compulsory training sessions, come with the right mindset, concentrate on the drills and are active and enthusiastic to be involved OR do your own thing and think all this is not necessary!
    9. Do you prepare for the game:-Do you attend compulsory training on Saturday morning and on time, be involved in team meetings, think what the team did well last week and what will make as successful this week ORdo your own thing and think all this is not necessary!!.12.Field of Battle: –are you ready to start playing 15 minutes before. Have you all the equipment you need, are you mentally prepared, are you ready to acknowledge teammates’ bowls and achievements, are you on the green and part of the decision-making process, do you know the teams game plan, have you assessed the playing surface and made note of the size and speed of the green, do you know your role in the team ORdo you do your own thing and all this is not important.!
    10. Compatibility:-have you attended all training sessions, have you worked with your team to improve deficiencies in last week’s game, do you enjoy the company of all team members and are prepared to support and encourage all players or do you just don’t care?
    11. Bowls a game of Correction: -with the practice you have been doing, do you have the ability and confidence to be able to make the correction required? Are you confident of playing short and long ends, or what the team plan states? Are you confident in working out your line and weight on different surfaces, lengths and conditions during the game, are you trying to win every end or playing to the team plan(ie keep losses to 2 shots or less )? Is the jack being thrown to the correct length to maintain player consistency? Or do you just go out and have a roll-up and a chat with your mates!
    12. Bowls Critic:-Are you a critic of selectors or a team player? When you pull on the team shirt do you play for the Club in any division and position without comment? Are you congratulatory of the bowls played, do you show positive team communication OR do nothing to assist the performance of the team?
    13. Team Player:-Are you positive and work with your skip and all members of your team? Do you communicate with the skip and discuss the game plan during the game, do you support and encourage your teammates when they are not performing OR do you complain and wished you never turned up.!
    14. Team Emotion:-are you positive, or negative and express yourself in an emotional manner? Is your body language showing negativity? Are you adding playing numbers to the opposition while you remain in a negative state? Are you ensuring that 16 players make up a pennant side and you take the initiative and provide emotional support for the entire team? OR do just play your game and wish you were in another team or position.
    15. The Invisible Team:-are you part of the invisible team –(I.e. selector, coach, team management, office bearers, friends, family and supporters, media in bowls), do you have pride in wearing the team uniform in any position you occupy. . Are you willing to show that pride –to both the chosen team and the invisible team. Or do you ignore and be critical of the performance of the invisible members of team?
    16. Switched on Team:-Do you prepare correctly for the game, do you know the team plan, do you meet several times during the game to discuss how you are going, do you work in numbers and are you aware of the overall team position, are you communicating with each other or are you far too immersed in your own game to provide input.
    17. How many “OR’s” are applied to yourself? If that was the case, then collectively we as a Club and a team will assist you in being a better team club player/ member and have pride in pulling on the Club Shirt-6.30pm all divisions4. Congratulations Rowley, Gail HodshonDawn Stoddart and AndreaCresswell (Holdfast Club): For winning Bronze medal in the SA Ladies state fours. Great effort by the above players –Congratulations!
    18. SPONSORS Thanks to our Sponsors Glenelg Funerals, RSL Care SA, Quality Dental Care, Lynda Evans Conveyancing, Brighton Foodland Brighton Esplanade Hotel Healthscope Griffith Rehab Hospital, Weslec Electrical, Karidis Retirement Villages, Hamilton, MG, Mitre 10 Brighton, Ken Hall
    19. Bombers Corner To all our Invisible team members both Midweek and Weekend pennants a special thank you. You guys and gals do a tremendous job week in and week out and are a strong players in the invisible Brighton bowls team. The Team’s Game and Team Plan is now on the website for all to read. Please take your time to have a read before this week’s game. If you want a hard copy,please contact your division team Captain. The Men’s Club Singles and Pairs is on the Board. Please check when you must have your game played by. The Ladies Singles and Pairs is also posted on the Board. Please check to ensure you have the games played before the required date. (Captain) Mick Lyons sends out some very interesting information to his team each week. This week’s email has some very pertinent points regarding selection and covid. Give Mick a ring if you would like a copy. Like Mick –your team captains are doing a very good job. Please discuss any issues with them first. They continue to be our invisible side. The Night Owls held on Wednesday and Thursday evening are run by our Volunteers. If you have time, please give Kevin of Liz Rowley a ring to assist on Wednesdays. Thursdays, give Dawn and Glenn Stoddard a ring if you can assist. These teams are working to increase our playing numbers and the development of our Club. The funds they raise assist the Club financially and in keeping your subs down, If you have any spare time available on these days, please give these fellow bowlers a ring.
    20. Club Weekly Awards – We are looking to develop Club weekly awards for each week and each event. Once a proposal has been discussed and agreed to by the Board an announcement will be made. I like a lot of the members would love to see players stay around after the game to enjoy each other’s fellowship, have a chat about the game and hopefully pick up an award.
    21. Last week Results Thursday Ladies: Div.1 going down to the top side by 1 shot . The aggregate being decided on the last bowl. Terry Lyon team winning 20/14 Dawn Stoddartteam drawing 18/18 Carli Mitchel rink going down 15/22Div 2 .  Team going down by 8 shots. Bev Bown side won 18/12. Catherine Farrell side going down 10/20 and Heather Souness going down 15/19Div 3. Team won by 17 shots. Pauline Taylor side won 31/16. Barbara Mir’s team losing 20/24 and Rose Van Burk side won 19/13 Wednesday men.Div. 2 Lost 94/107 John Smith 18/10 Brian Noble 15/27 Dave Williams 19/28. Eric Mason 20/16. Graham McNamara 22/26 Div. 3. Lost 93/118 David McKenzie 14/28. David Harvey 18/23. Mick Lyons 13/30. Keith Souness 22/23 , Darryl Croft 26/14Div 4. BlueLost 63/66Barry Horner 20/25. Rudy van Burk 20/18. Jeff Williams 23/23Div.4 White Drew 61/61 Terry Fanning 19/19. Keith Lord 13/23. Winston Haby 29/19Div.4 Red Won 62/53 Ian Champion 19/21. Mike Kotenko 22/20. Gary Brown 21/12 Saturday Pennants:Cancelled due to rain. Div.3, however, will play on Friday evening Training Notes The ladies’ training on Tuesday morning is very well attended and the players have been working hard on correcting some of the areas of concern from information received from the Scorecards being marked S.M.L. Long ends have proved an issue. I have noticed that each week this aspect is improving. The challenge to beat the Coach has been accepted and by the end of the season, I know the team will be in front on long ends. The Ladies’ pennant teams have been working on the team’s game plan and are now starting to show results. Great effort to all sides. The Saturday team training over the last 3 weeks has seen very good numbers in attendance, Like the Ladies, I have challenged the Saturday players to beat the coach and although good on Medium and very good on short ends –the Coach is still far too good on Long ends, The circuit training conducted over 2 weeks has seen player scores improved with Brian Noble the clubhouse leader with 22 points with Wal Terlikowski and David Grieg on 14 points. These and other drills will continue to be introduced to improve the playing performance of all players. If players want copies of the various drill and circuit training exercises, please give me a ring or email and I will send the information out. Some of the following information has been sent out to those players attending the coaching sessions and is available to all members.

1. Training Notes for Club Leaders

2. Training Drill for players to undertake

3. Your PSR (personal setup Routine). We are now four weeks into the season and need to get some wins on the board to keep in touch with the final four. I look forward to all players enjoying the fellowship at training and after in the club house as we all work to achieve the same goals. – Go Bombers!!!

Regards to all and “safe bowling”. Lee Farrell CoachBrightonBowling Club 0458003739 Email: 12th November,2022


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