Policies & Procedures

All policies and procedures are listed below and have developed and authorised by the Board of Management.


The Constitution and Rules covers the object and purpose of the Brighton Bowls Club; membership; management by members; management by officers; functions of officers; finances; general information; and standing orders.

By Laws

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the executive of the Board of Management of the Brighton Bowling Club Inc, established under Clause 37.1 of the Brighton Bowling Club’s Constitution Inc to assist the Board in discharging the responsibilities by dealing with matters of importance to the Boar, which arise between Board meetings.

Annual Subscriptions - Resignations and Part Year Membership

This By-Law is written in accordance with rule 23 (Fees and Subscriptions) and rule 19 (resignation of members).

Authority to Purchase Goods

The Board of Management will, each year, appoint such Officers and Employees as are required to carry out the objectives of the Club, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

Member Advocate

The member advocate is responsible for ensuring that club members are informed of their rights and obligations in matters of pennant selection and to assist with resolving any selection disputes.

Grievance Procedures

This procedure provides a fair and transparent process for the resolution of minor grievances and complaints raised by members.

Members Code of Conduct

In addition to the Bowls SA Membership Protection Policy, you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by Bowls SA, Bowls Australia, a Member Club, Association or an Affiliated club etc.

Pennants Selection Policy

The Brighton Bowling Club Selection aims to ensure that, irrelevant of gender, the most competitive representative teams are selected to compete for Pennant Flags in all Divisions; and the selection process will be based on the best available information on player performance, team balance, and player commitment to the club, including a commitment to reasonable training times and player availability.

Pennants Selection Procedures & Guidelines

Procedures and Guidelines have been developed for the Chairperson of Selectors, Selectors, Captain, Member Advocate and Grievance Panel.