Together As a Team We Can Win

Do you remember those resilient birds from Canada? The Canadian Geese?

We have or are about to launch into the 2022/23 pennant season. It will take commitment to each other and to the Brighton Bowling Club to achieve success. It will be a challenge but we can do it TOGETHER.

How then do we achieve this goal? Through a collective effort, by trusting and supporting each other we can go a long way to making our season a happy one on and off the green. Isn’t that why we play bowls?

What are you going to do to make this happen?

We must all accept responsibility, no matter at what level we play, to ensure we do our utmost to contribute to the team. Adopting this approach allows a team to become a champion team rather than just a team of champions.

Remember, no one is perfect. No one.

We will all have our ups and downs during the season. The challenge is to commit to being positive and to challenging ourselves to do better. Let’s commit to our own personal improvement rather than complaining or criticising others so we can all focus on the one goal SUCCESS. We all need encouragement to achieve and better contribute to our success.

Remember, team bowling is about a commitment to each other, giving support when it is needed and positively communicating with your team. How we play the game,
talk and react to each and our body language and behaviour on and off the green matters. Most importantly stand by each other. We are a TEAM. It is up to every
individual to commit.

Be positive and proactive on the green. Stick together in good and not so good times. It doesn’t matter if your rink is down; the important point is to enjoy and to
contribute as best you can to the OVERALL score at the end of the game. It may take just one or two shots to make a difference. Never give up.

Remember, our team will achieve much if we are playing for each other rather than as individuals. It is a game that individuals play to be part of a team. A great team.

Show your respect and loyalty to your team mates by contributing to their success as you would hope they will to you. In this way success is ours.

This is the goal of the Brighton Bowling Club. As members we are all in it together just like the Canadian Geese.

Does this all sound familiar? HONK HONK.

Mick Lyons


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