BBC History of the Brighton Bowling Club

The first lawn bowling green to be established in Brighton was the privately owned green on the premises of Crail Brae, the home of John A. Bagshaw, the president of J.S. Bagshaw & Sons Agricultural Machinery, in Wattle Avenue, Brighton. The house has since been demolished.

Chapter 1A

Bowls are made from……?

It is reported that the earliest bowls were made of clay and stone and later of bronze and iron. Then in the early 15th century bowls were made of hardwoods

Chapter 1B

The Club continued to grow in the inter-war years and during the Great Depression.

In 1923 Dr. Goode kindly provided a Right of Way from Jetty Road to the Green. Additional land was obtained in 1929 and another green of 6 rinks was laid out.

Chapter 2

In 1942 the Memorial Gates were erected in Keelara Street, the plaque on the gates stating that “This gateway was presented to the Brighton Bowling Club by M.R. (Mick) Plunkett inmemory of his wife Florence Maud”.

A conundrum has arisen as Florence Maud did not die until 1945!

Chapter 3

The Club continued to progress with a steady influx of members.

On 24th March 1950 a Special General Meeting was held to approve incorporation of the Club.

On 14th April 1950 members of the Women’s Bowling Club were allowed to play on the greens during the winter months (between 2nd May and 5th August) for 1 shilling each game.

Chapter 4

In News Sheet No. 39 of August 1966, the following Dress Recommendation was put forward by the R.S.A.B.A., and supported by the Brighton Bowling Club:

It is desirable and recommended all bowlers wear the appropriate clothes consisting of cream slacks and shirts for men, and white frocks for women with proper shoes whenever a match is in progress, even though the player is not playing in the match but is playing on the same greens.

Chapter 5

The merger with the Brighton RSL Sub-branch has been a great success, with both entities benefitting from the joint relationship.

Chapter 6

It is important to have a membership drive each year, as the age of the Club’s players is typically of an older generation. Therefore in the year 2010, the Club undertook a mail-out through Australia Post, advertising a 5-week beginner’s course at the Club. This attracted over 80 participants, many of whom joined the Club and still remain members.

Chapter 7A – The Future

In 2012, as part of the World Bowls Championships held in Adelaide, the Brighton Bowling Club hosted the team from China. They arrived in Adelaide on Wednesday 21st November 2012, being met at the airport by Club members.

Chapter 7B

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